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Simple House Curtain Design with Contemporary Style

Thursday, September 19th 2013. | Furniture

The people living in a modern home should note on their simple house curtain design. Modern home is always characterized with simplicity and sleekness. You do not have to use any intricate decoration which can consume much space and bring clutter in the room.

You need to make the modern home look new with a simple curtain hanging on the curtain rod. You are lucky when you have a modern home. You can pick any types of curtain in various designs, styles, colors and decorations. Forget the traditional curtain because it is too strict and busy. You are free to explore many types of contemporary curtain which can built the edgy and chic effect on your living room, kitchen or dining room.

Look at the style of stitching, fabric and print when you purchase simple house curtain design. Pick the washable one so that your curtain is easy to maintain. There are many home owners who get lazy to change their window dressing regularly because it is too thick and heavy. Most contemporary curtain is made in light and soft fabric. Thus, you will never face bigger problem when washing this item. What about the color of your window curtain? You can pick the neutral ones or the bold ones depending on the color proportion in the wall.

If your wall is created in teal, I recommend you to choose neutral shades to bring contrasting design such as taupe, white, or light green. Conversely, you can pick bold colors of lime green, cobalt blue, or turquoise if the wall in your living room is made in neutral shades. If you love to change the curtain based on the season, you can go with contemporary season printed curtain. Enjoy the curtain made from silk if you want to define the summer and spring season. If you want to enjoy simple house curtain design without any seasonal decoration, choose the print in geometrical or abstract design.

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