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Simple Moroccan Homes

Monday, April 22nd 2013. | House Design

Moroccan homes can look simple if you can combine the style with modern look. But you can represent the nice style by picking the rich shade to adorn the house. Each room in the house looks luxury and exquisite by using morocco decor.

There are many types of items that you can set on the house to express the Moroccan character.You can enjoy lush feeling by using modern color to combine with lavish tone of Morocco. The first thing to do is picking the right tone to make the Moroccan home decor nice and fun. You can pick the vibrant color in violet, electric blue, emerald green and red.

If you like to enjoy the desert style in the room, you can go with rich shades of cream, rust, beige and tan. The powerful sun in the desert is presented by the combination of yellow, red and orange color. All of them should be presented when you like to decorate the Moroccan homes with nice tile wall paint and fabrics.  When you like to represent the modern color, you can have it set on the flooring and ceiling treatment. In most homes, the floor is made from wide plan floor.

If you love to enjoy textures in the wall, you can have it constructed from stucco. The entryway in the living room should look luxury and lavish. You can have the big door treated in hand painted tile. When you like to enjoy textures on the floor, you can go with silk woven rug. It can come in floral pattern. The entryway in the room can be treated in arched architectural pattern. The decorative element for your furniture lies on the type of upholstery. You can go with leather or woven wool to make the Moroccan homes adorable and elegant.

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