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Simple Wall Design Ideas For Modern Decor

Monday, June 10th 2013. | Interior Design

Some people are confused when they have to decide the right wall design ideas. When you look at the bare wall, you will notice the plain look. You need to make it look fun and playful with unique decoration.

If you want to show your creativity, you can have a hand made wall decor to set on the wall. But you need to think about the style in the room. If the space is formal, the decoration should carry the same feeling. You can adorn the focal wall in the formal living room with a single painting made in classic design.

You can use wooden frame with intricate pattern to make it look nice. If you want to carry adorable look with colorful accent on the earthy colored wall, you can add the painting in yellow, green and blue colors. Make sure that the painting can support the theme in the living room. For example, you can set a big floral painting to decorate the shabby chich or Victorian living room. If you like with kids wall design ideas, you need to set the playful and funny decor. You can ask the kids to make a personal painting.

It can be in the images of flowers, scenery or even animal. Then you can use a nice colorful frame to set them on the bedroom’s wall. The tile decoration is nice to present when you like to carry fabulous effect on the kitchen or bathroom. You can have the mosaic tiles with the sparkling decoration to carry the metallic effect. Use the fuchsia, yellow, silver or gold colors to add rich look on the wall. If you want to stay simple, the checkerboard pattern is nice to present on the bathroom wall. If you want the simple wall design ideas for the kitchen, set a wooden plank on the wall.

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