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Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Thursday, October 24th 2013. | Bathroom

Let me give you some tips on small bathroom tile ideas. Tile is the main option when people want to create a nice decoration in the bathroom. You do not need to use any complicated material. Tile is chosen because it is strong, durable, and easy to install, and manage.

When you want to treat a small bathroom, you need to ensure that the size of tile is not really big. The biggest one will create smaller feeling. You need to avoid the standard size of 10 inch or 6 inch tile. You need to pick the smaller one which can bring bigger optical illusion on the floor and wall.

Now think about the materials in small bathroom tile ideas. You can have it created in vinyl tile if you want cost effective material. Even though it is durable, it can only last for several years. There are many other nice options which will never make you bankrupt. You can go with glass tile or ceramic tiles. Avoid marble or granite tile because both are expensive. Now it is the time for you to think about the color of your tile material. Look at the dimension in the bathroom. If you room is big, it is okay if you have dark tile in bigger portion.

If your room is small, you need to be wise by using light colored tiles. They can be in white, beige, cream, light gray and tan. You can have tile on the wall and floor in dark colors such as black or navy blue. Choose the simple pattern if the room is small. You can have the floor in checkerboard pattern of black and white, while the wall comes in full white tile. If you want to have a focal point on the wall, create a mosaic pattern or floral pattern in one wall of small bathroom tile ideas.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas:

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