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Small Garden Ideas for Modern House

Sunday, June 23rd 2013. | Garden

The modern house will look totally interesting and enchanting if you can adorn the backyard with small garden ideas. The width of a garden determines the style and decoration. Even though you only have a small backyard, you do not need to be disappointed for there are many ideas that you can present to carry beauty in the garden.

You can enjoy a bridge in the garden if you want to make it a bit traditional. The bridge can deliver a fascinating view in the garden. But you can make the bridge design in modern style.

It can feature the metal railing in white or black color to present the edgy feeling in the garden. If you are interested with country feeling, you can have the bridge with wooden railing and post. Even though the garden comes in small size, there is no need for you to avoid many interesting garden features. You can install a small fountain to make the modern small garden ideas more tranquil.  You can add charm in the garden by building a small, simple and sleek fountain in the corner of your garden. If the room is too limited for a free standing fountain, you can install a wall mounted fountain.

You can add flowers and vines around the wall on your garden to make it green and fresh. The fountain can be placed in the right spot in the garden. You can enjoy the tranquil sense on the yard, deck, front porch or even pergola area. The fountain can be made from concrete if you want to make it simple. Concrete fountain is more affordable. If you want to add sparkling color on the fountain, you can decorate it with broken mosaic glass. Don’t forget to decorate the fountain with flowers as the border. A fish or gnome statue in the middle of the fountain is good to perceive in small garden ideas.

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