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Small House Decorating Without Clutter

Wednesday, October 9th 2013. | House Design

The right small house decorating will never present any clutter in the room. If you always feel uncomfortable when spending time in a small house, it indicates that the ways you treat the home are totally wrong. Clutter can banish the comfort at home.

You will be so tired when seeing the messy toys on the floor on your living room, the bulky pieces which block the traffic flow in the hallway and the messy clothes on the bedroom closet. Many home owners are desperate and give up when they have to transform the small spot into a beautiful and nice design.

The first thing to do is thinking about the layout in the room. If your kitchen looks small, you need to go with L shaped kitchen layout. This small house decorating can bring bigger feeling because you can enjoy an ample traffic flow when you prepare and cook food. There is no need to have a dining room. You can infuse this spot with a kitchen by installing a kitchen island in the middle on your kitchen. If you have not any space to set it, you can use the countertop as a dining table. Set some stools around the counter.

If you always find much clutter on the bedroom such as the spreading shoes, ties, belts and clothes, reorganize the bedroom closet. You can install more organizers, hooks, and closet bars to hold on those items. A shoe rack is important if you want to make the shoe and sandal collection neat. It will be easier to grab the one that you need today. Install a mirror on the wall to make it bigger and sunnier. You can decorate the wall in the hallways with nice painting or photos. However, ensure that your accessories on the hallway look easy in small house decorating.

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