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Small Modern Home Interior Design

Sunday, October 7th 2012. | House Design, Interior Design

The small house is often constrained by the limitations of space, so the arrangement and the interior design of a small house is most often overlooked. But for those of you who live in a small house or want to buy a small house, it’s wise to pay attention to the several following tips in designing the interior of a small house in order to achieve a functional and beautiful small modern house.

Designing a small and narrow modern house is not as easy as we think. Given the limited space, the small house must be able to accommodate all the needs of its occupants.

Designing a small modern house requires an austerity due to the limitation of provided space, and if it gets failed to design it, an uncomfortable and narrow house is what you’ll get. Therefore, you have to explore every empty room in the house in order to be able to be use optimally. The small house could be as beautiful as the other house concepts that have big spaces to design, so by the proper arrangement and decoration, the small house will have its own attract point, and the most important is, more spacious.

Having a small house is a smart choice in the recent condition of the dwelling. Regardless from its disadvantage, which is the limitation of space, the small modern house has its interesting advantage point, which is very easy to maintain. You can anticipate and take advantage of every corner of the house to be fully functional. There are some things you should know about a small house interior design, including:

1. Choose a multi-function furnishings or furniture.
2. The size of furniture or furnishings is not too high and not too big.
3. Be creative with wall colors. Consider using bright colors to make the room look more spacious. If you use a dark color instead, the interior of your home will look narrow. If you want to integrate the wallpaper, choose one that has simple motif or calm colors.
4. Putting a mirror in the interior can make the interior seem more spacious.
5. Use the lighting that has calm and not too bright light.
6. The window size has to be fitted with the house and no too big.
7 Integrate plants inside the house.
8. If you want to use home accessories, choose ones that have simple ornaments.

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