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Small Simple House Design

Thursday, April 18th 2013. | House Design

It will be a big challenge for you to decorate the small simple house. A small house looks larger and homier if you can present the right decor to define the style in the room. You can pick the best color scheme to make it look big.

You can choose monochromatic color for it can bring an illusion of a bigger space. You can choose a single color with various shades. For example, you can stick with brown as the main color in the room.

The living room can be treated in various shades of brown in tan, beige, cream, taupe and dark brown. It can make the room cozy and warm. If you want bring shining feeling in the room, you can choose white color. It is available in numerous shades like ivory white, icy white, creamy white and antique white. You can use those shades to make the room bigger and nice. The furnishing in small simple house should come in easy and sleek design. You need to make sure that the space is filled with extra storage space. You can use an ottoman in leather upholstery as the coffee table.

Then you can use the space inside the ottoman to store the valuable items and knick knacks in the living room. If you want to bring the open space design in the room, you can choose a sofa without arms.  You can fill the sofa with fluffy and simple toss pillow. When you like to install window covering in the room, you need to know the the light. If the room is dark, you can go with a sheer curtain for it can block the sunlight. If you do not want much light in the room, you can install a roller blind. It is flexible to have. You just have to roll it up when you want to enjoy the fresh outdoor scenery in small simple house.

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