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Some Small Kitchen Design Tips

Friday, June 6th 2014. | Kitchen

Many people who have small kitchen will be difficult in creating the comfortable kitchen design. Indeed, they should choose the simple and minimalist design, selecting the spacious furniture and many more. Indeed, this is right but you should understand that creating the small kitchen design doesn’t mean that all should be small. The right idea is all should be simple and eye-catching. So, you can lay with many designs and colors.


You may need some of the ideas below to create the small kitchen looks bigger. First idea is design the kitchen with 1932 Cape Cod design. To create this one, you need the robin’s cabinet with egg blue color. For the wall paint, you can choose white or other light colors. If you love the traditional or old design, you can install the old cabinet without a coat of any paint colors. So the cabinets and all design still look traditional and natural. It is a good idea too when you remove the wall space and change it with other storage places on the wall. Just keep everything in clean and neat condition.


The next idea is keep the light and bright touches. For this, you will have the storage places in the maximum usage. It means that you will need the storage with island and seating, pendant light, double wall of the ovens, and the mosaic backsplash. For the lighting, light sycamore and the maple trim that is dark will play nicely to the cabinetry. Just keep everything with the maximum usage, you also can add the mirror or glass in the furniture for the reflection of the lighting.


The last idea is the American bungalow with the spacing sensation. Indeed, the better way to keep the small kitchen looks bigger is how to save and add more space sensation. You can make the exotic kitchen design with dark cabinets, brown and black of the tiger striping.




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