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The Aesthetic Small Luxury Home Concept

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | House Design

Small Luxury Home Design Style

The small luxury home might be one of the ideal house concept in the urban housing area that provides either the expensive or a small space housing lot. This is such a dilemma for some homeowners that intend to create a beautiful yet inexpensive house in the urban area.

The essence of a small luxury home design is sometimes defined as a simple-designed small house filled with many luxurious interior furniture or ornaments. We can’t blame this perception, because the space limitation makes the homeowners allocate the budget to optimize the furniture and ornaments.

The efficiency of the small luxury home construction is absolutely necessary, but we often have to sacrifice the aesthetics and the quality and the optimization aspects of the overall building. Therefore, the process of a comprehensive planning and the designing in order to maximize the economical yet beautiful house design which also clings to the aesthetic aspect must still be done intensively.

The first criteria in making a small luxury home is the efficiency of the space optimization. Minimize the utilization of the permanent room partition alias wall, except in the bedrooms and bathrooms. You can replace the permanent partition with the cabinet or canvas bulkhead. The living room, dining room, and the kitchen can be combined, creating an optimum openness in a small yet efficient home.

The second criteria is the material selection. Beside the furniture and the accessories, you can also allocate the budget to the material selection. For example, you can replace the ceramic flooring with the bamboo flooring which is more expensive but also more aesthetic and more beautiful than the natural stone flooring like ceramic or marbles.

For the interior furniture or accessories, you can simply by choosing the high quality ones to create your small luxury home. For example, you can choose the English leather sofa as the living room sofa and a nice play of lighting system consisting of a few task and decorative lamps such as spotlights, chandelier, standing lamps, table lamps, etc… These all will absolutely create a certain luxury in your small home.

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