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The Best Colors For Luxury Living Room

Monday, April 15th 2013. | Living Room

You need to represent the best colors for luxury living room if you want to enjoy regal style. Decorating the old and drab house is not easy to do if you cannot choose the right type of color.

The blank canvas in the living room should be transformed to make it bright, exquisite and luxury. You can bring the aesthetic appeal by presenting a new color in the living room. You will be proud when some important guests are impressed with the living room color and decor.

Pick maroon if you like to enjoy opulent style. This color can be adorned on the wall paint. Since it is considered as a dark color, you need to represent the light color for the furniture pieces, curtain and trim line. You can choose gold to make the room regal. You can represent the third color in subdued tones like cream, white or beige. Another tone in the best colors for luxury living to choose is off white. The people who want to enjoy soft style in the living room can have it. It will be good if you can present silver rather than gold to accompany the off white color.  It is great to bring elegant and opulence without overwhelming style.

The people who want to treat their living room in mahogany, gothic or even Victorian décor can use red as the main accent. It looks nice if you use bloody red in velvet curtain. The rest of the wall can be painted in dark brown color. When people choose Gothic home, they will love to present black color. It can be suited with red, violet, royal blue or white color. If you like to bring natural feeling, hunter green is great to define the sofa. Don’t forget to accent the best colors for luxury living with lavish pieces like mirror, curtain, chandelier and family photos.


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