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The Composite Wooden Bathroom Design

Thursday, October 11th 2012. | Bathroom

Wood is usually used on the space or place with the conditions that are always dry and never wet. But what if the bathroom which is a room with a constantly wet conditions actually uses wood material as the flooring and wall material? Of course this will bring a strange feeling for the first time.

The use of wood for the bathroom actually is not a new thing. Because the wood material which is used is not an ordinary wood, but the composite wood. The composite wood is a product of the industry (not natural) made of wood powder and then mixed with bamboo powder and some other ingredients that are natural and organic as the adhesive elements.

In order to be water-resistant, the dough is then given a mixture of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a kind of chemicals to make plastics. With the integration of PVC, wood will remain strong and porous-resistant to the water. Even though the composite wood is a faux wood, it still has the same look with solid wood or wood harvested directly from trees. Similarly, the fiber still appears with no less natural appeal.

In addition to water-resistant, composite wood is also termite-resistant, and it doesn’t spread fire when the house is on fire. Another advantage, although it uses the chemical material, the wood is not pestilent at all, so it is safe to use.

Another thing to note, though the composite wood has some advantages, it also has disadvantages compared to solid wood. Wood composite has a lower resistance when used to hold heavy loads. So it should only be applied to enhance or create cover walls, floors, ceilings or any other element.

The last thing that should not be forgotten, the composite wood is manufactured in a uniform size in accordance with the standard measurement. Therefore, in order to produce an optimum result, you should measure thoroughly the landscape about to be integrated by the composite wood. The concept is no different with the installation of ceramic tile for floors or walls.

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