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The Exoticism of Asian Home Interior Design

Tuesday, October 9th 2012. | House Design, Interior Design

Nowadays, we are provided with many options of Everything in this life that has its own benefit and advantage to make our life better. One of those “life” options is the house concept. Today, we can see that many house concepts created in order to beautify the human life. The Asian home concept is one home concept that is very exceptional and rare to find. It is characterized by the calmness and soothing ambience of the interior. The Asian interior design is mainly influenced by the culture of Chinese and Japanese. But, as time goes on, the Asian interior design has actually been infiltrated by the culture of Indonesia, Thailand and India.

The Asian interior design has a bit similarity principle with the today’s minimalist house concept, which is that there is no clutter in the room. However, what distinguishes it to the other house concepts is by the integration of a variety of fabrics or upholsteries that have rich textures.

When it comes to the Asian home interior design, we will slightly know, by its interior design and layout, that it’s an outstanding design to be applied in your home. For example, if you’re a type of person that loves the richness, you can use the Chinese concept which is usually characterized by many interior ornaments covered in red and black. But, if you are a person that adores calmness and simplicity, the Japanese concept may be suitable for you, because it offers a tranquil living space in an open space, decorated with neutral and earthy colors.

One of the best rooms to be modelled by the Asian theme is the dining room and the bathroom. The dining room can be integrated with the Chinese concept. Use vibrant colors as the dominant colors and add decorative ornaments on the dining table. While the bathroom has to be decorated as relaxing as possible. Integrate figurines and Asian artworks which can simply create the Asian theme in the bathroom.

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