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The Latest Backsplash Ideas with a Nice Mural

Saturday, September 7th 2013. | Furniture, Kitchen

Choose a nice mural painting if you want to enjoy the latest backsplash ideas. Simplicity can cost you a little when you want to remodel the wall in the cooking room. Backsplash is a nice area to decorate.

You can carry dramatic effect in the kitchen if the backsplash is created in new look. Even though the area is not bigger than the entire wall, it can banish the boring look of the plain wall in the kitchen. Many home owners choose simple pattern in the backsplash to bring vibrant look.

You do not need to create a complicated installation of backsplash if you can choose a nice mural painting on the tiles. Many people think that a backsplash should be made from tile. It is no true at all. Tile is a very popular material. But you are served with a lot of options when you shop around. You can choose vinyl, glass tile, marble, granite and slate. The high end materials are granite and marble. Both can add exclusive textures on the latest backsplash ideas.

If you want to save much cash for the material, choose vinyl tiles or wallpaper. It is sold in affordable price. Don’t worry; the style and shape of vinyl tiles is various. You can pick the one which can imitate the texture and look of marble. Look at the color to make sure that it can go well with the color for the wall and kitchen cabinet. If your kitchen cabinet is created in black lacquer design, you can choose the backsplash in white. It can create contrasting look. If you want to enjoy a nice pattern, you can choose the vinyl tiles installed in geometric pattern. You can enjoy beauty if the latest backsplash ideas have the floral or fruit mural painting.

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