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The Latest Color of House with Relaxing Look

Wednesday, August 14th 2013. | House Design, Interior Design

The latest color of house is always accentuated with relaxing look. When people walk in the house they always imagine a relaxing and tranquil spot to unwind. The stressful and depressed feeling will be decreased as soon as you sleep in the relaxing bedroom.

Decorating the house with a new color is not tricky. You just have to do it yourself if you have a lot of time. Or you can ask a professional painter to repaint in the whole space in the living room, dining room or bedroom. The relaxing look can be associated with various interior design ideas.

Some people can incorporate the relaxing colors with tropical, minimalist, nautical, Japanese, modern or even oriental decoration. If you want to make the room breezy without eliminating the relaxing effect, you can choose tropical decoration. The color used here should be linked with the tone of tropical natures. You can choose teal, aqua blue and turquoise to define the blue ocean. Sandy coral and tan colors are perfect to apply as the neutral shades in the latest color of house. You can combine it with striking and vibrant shades such as hot pink, lime green, orange papaya, and mango yellow.

The people who only want to enjoy subdued shades around the house can choose the Japanese home decor. It enables the occupants to enjoy a true serenity spot at home. You should never pick any bold and vibrant colors in the living room. You need to preserve the tranquility by using solid shades in black, green, white, brown, beige and taupe. You do not need to finish the space with many knick knacks. The type for furniture used in Japanese decoration is simple, clean and sleek. The latest color of house for the Japanese furniture usually comes in dark brown or black.

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