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The Latest Homes Designs with Bold Shades

Thursday, August 29th 2013. | House Design

The latest homes designs look great if you can pair it with bold shades. Many people find that bold shades are too overpowering. Actually it is no true if you can make the space fun with the right combo. The bold feeling can bring vibrant effect in the house.

You can avoid any distressed feeling in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. You can apply the bold shades such as mauve, indigo, navy blue, lime green, marigold orange, sunset yellow, red, and hot pink as the accent color. To enjoy wonderful effect on the bathroom for a girl, you can use white as the base shade on the entire wall.

You can make the latest homes designs eye popping by using hot pink as the shade for the furniture. You can have the toilet, shelving unit, medical cabinet, rack, and vanity painted in hot pink. Then you can add black shades as the color for the fixture and accessories. The look of your bathroom will never look gloomy since the bold shades and neutral color bring impressive combo. Look the living room. Some people who paint the wall and furniture in subdued tone find it too plain and boring.

You need to add more bold shades for the accessories. For example, you can set the black and red tribal pattern on the toss pillow, curtain and upholstery. The area rug can deliver an eye catching style too. You can spread a mauve area rug in bold pattern if your living room is defined in country or English cottage interior design. The people who like with modern look can spread a lime green area rug on the floor.

It can feature the black geometric pattern to banish the boring look of your modern area rug located in the latest homes designs.

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