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The Latest Interior Design Trends with Striped Pattern

Wednesday, September 11th 2013. | Interior Design

The latest interior design trends are associated with striped pattern. Stripes can make the space look higher and bigger. You can apply them in horizontal or vertical position. When people want to carry different look at home, they tend to choose the right pattern.

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It can make the boring feeling at home disappear. Begin the decoration of a striped pattern in the living room. You can choose a theme before you present the striped pattern. If you want tropical feeling, blue and white in striped pattern is great. Choose the bigger striped for easy painting on the wall.

If you want to install the pattern easily, you just have to buy the wallpaper in blue and white stripes. The people who want to make the wall in the latest interior design trends simple can perform plain painting. They can play the striped pattern on the fabric and upholstery. For example, you can have the sofa, chair, curtain and area rug created in navy blue and white pattern. The bedroom in the house will definitely look perfect if you can choose the decoration in zebra stripped pattern. It can evoke the mature or childish feeling depending on the style of decoration.

If you intend to present the zebra pattern on the kid’s bedroom, choose the zebra wallpaper on the wall. The bedding and curtain should come in plain color. It can make the space balance. If you want to carry African decoration with wild pattern of zebra, pick the wall in plain accent. You can paint it in deep brown color. The bedding and area rug look nice in black and white striped pattern. The furniture can come in tan, taupe, or beige to open up the room. Don’t forget to set the curtain in zebra pattern to make the latest interior design trends authentic.

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