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The Latest Painting Trends for Interior with Bold Colors

Monday, October 7th 2013. | Interior Design

Bold color is one of the latest painting trends for interior to replicate. To enjoy striking look in the house, you can mix the neutral and subdued colors with bold shades such as bright red or sunset yellow.

Some people avoid this color because they do not want to make the room overwhelming. It is not true if you think the same way. A bold color can be used to increase the value of your home. If you decorate the interior and exterior with pale and soft color, you can make the look boring.

The people who have a plan to sell the house in the future should learn more about the psychology and combo of color. If you are a bit confused about my explanation, look at the color wheel to define the perfect combo. Picking a color combo is not jumbled. You need to decide it based on the theme or interior design in the latest painting trends for interior. If your house is created in traditional look with luxury and grandeur feeling, you need to infuse gold as the main shade. This color is bold and opulent. It can make your house rich and majestic.

Generally gold is presented on the fixtures such as lamp frame, chandelier, vases, urn and mirror frame. The people who just want to apply simple colors on the modern or contemporary house can go with bold shades of red, lime green, electric blue or hot pink as the supporting tones. The main tones in the modern home should come in subdued colors such as white, cream or grey. The romantic feeling is presented when you choose lavender, white, pale blue, salmon pink or honey yellow in the bedroom. Add bold colors of maroon, hunter green or mauve inside the latest painting trends for interior.

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