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The Most headlining Home Interior Color Trend In 2012

Monday, December 31st 2012. | Interior Design

The interior color trend is no different like the fashion, which always changes from time to time, representing the so-called latest essential human necessities. And, the year of 2012 has left us many benefits for our life, one of which is the home interior colors.

Applying the latest interior color trend in the interior space can provide an added value. The room can be impressive wider, narrower, lighter, warmer, fresher, or anything that you’d like to present. You should choose a color that is able to generate a positive mood and suit your personality. Then, before choosing a color, consider first the size of the space and the interior fixture or upholstery colors or that already exist.

The element of Color is an important element in the arrangement of the exterior and interior of a house. The Color can affect the mood of people when they are in a room. In each year, the world of interior color trend keeps changing. And, in 2012, red became the most headlining home interior color.

Red reflects the optimism, passion, joy and energy. Red is an exciting interior color trend for most people, making anything in red attractive and exciting. Although it’s identical with the energetic and bravery, red can be applied into many rooms. For example, a living room and even the bedroom (because it’s usually not recommended to apply red in the bedroom due to its energetic and vibrant impression).

When it comes to the bedroom, red is not a popular color for the bedroom interior color trend. But, with a softer palette, red becomes applicable to the bedroom, making it fresher and more intimate.

However, as the interior color trend in 2012, it’s recommended to use red as an accent color, while the dominant color is still the neutral tones. It’s because the function of red is meant to create a surprising element in the interior.

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