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The Nice And Popular Dining Room Paint Colors

Sunday, May 26th 2013. | Dining Room

The popular dining room paint colors can make the room fresh and fun. There are many dining room colors that you can apply in the furniture, wall, ceiling and area rug. If you want to add feminine style in the room, you can go with appealing colors such as soft pink, lilac, and honey yellow. Soft pink can add feminine design if it is combined with beautiful floral pattern.

When you want to add interesting feeling in the country dining room, you can choose plaid pattern. It makes your space more vibrant to view. The plaid pattern can come in various color combinations.

You can go with light plaid pattern to bring bigger feeling in the space. If you want the popular dining room paint colors carry intimate design, choose the dark colors. You can opt for the dark blue for making the room relaxing and peaceful. If you want to make it elegant and rich, you can dominate the dining room with dark brown shades. Maroon is great to make your room majestic. You can paint the wall in dark brown, while the upholstery in the room can be in maroon.

To reduce the overbearing effect, you can choose the light tan color for painting the dining table and chairs. You can spread an area rug or full carpeting on the floor. To expose simple finish on the room, you can go with bamboo flooring. This material is natural and fresh. You can renew it by repainting the bamboo floor with a new shade of color. You can go with dark finish to make the room luxury. To make it simple and casual, you can go with tan or beige tone. To carry premium looking style on the popular dining room paint colors, you can go with walnut, cherry wood and mahogany.

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