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Tranquil Living Room Ideas with Water Wall Fountain

Wednesday, September 4th 2013. | Living Room

The water wall fountain at home can deliver the tranquil living room ideas. Serenity and tranquility is always perceived when you choose the Japanese or Zen decoration. Actually there is no need to choose the style if you want to keep the room traditional or even modern.

You just need to choose the right elements which can present the peaceful and tranquil sense at home. A water fountain is great to choose. It is not only used to present glamorous style but also serenity and beauty at home. The water wall fountain can be installed in the garden or even front yard.

You can also install it on the living room, dining room or even kitchen. It depends on your personal state. However, the tranquil living room ideas should blend well with the whole items and knick knacks. You can pick the right water wall fountain in the market with the right design. The options are various. Pick the ones based on your taste and budget. Pick the simple one with a tabletop fountain if the space in the living room is so small. You can pick a big and large water wall fountain if it comes in big space. Install the water wall fountain in the right wall.

You can pick a corner wall if you never intend to use this element as the main focal point. You can set it near the reading area in the living room. If the focal point is served by the fountain, it should be placed in the center of the wall. You can decorate the fountain with fake plants and flowers. Since you have water flowing in the living room, ensure that the maintenance can be performed. Many people who get lazy to clean it find many mosquitoes and other insects in the flowing water. It can banish the hygiene and coziness in the tranquil living room ideas.

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