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Transform Your Backyards with Beautiful Water Features Ideas

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014. | Garden, Landscape

Water features are indeed great accessories to boost your backyards because great water features will create nice focal points that will make your backyards are more stunning and attractive in all ways. For that, if you need some inspirational ideas to build one, then try some ideas below that may help you to decide the best water feature that fits with your backyard.


First, rock water feature is indeed perfect feature to create natural look in your backyard. When you want to achieve real natural and soothing, rock water features will help you because you are provided with various designs for it. For example, white rocks with waterfall feature will be great to boost your backyard, with some plants around that add the natural touch of the style. This is also called as fountain backyards and some will apply tiered waterfall because the waterfall is more than one and leveled.


Second, try container backyard water features that are usually simpler. For example, you can utilize antique stone urn that will give nice traditional look for your backyard. Provide the bed for the water that spill out from the edge from the urn with Mexican beach pebbles which add the traditional and divine look for the urn. This is simple and space saving, moreover for those who have small backyards, this kind of water feature is really suitable.


Third, try the water feature with walkway that gives soothing and nice view for your backyards. To do this, simply add platform over the water feature and then create a nice comfortable walkway along the water feature. You can make the water feature that creates nice spot to enjoy the beauty of your backyard. Then, to make it looks more natural; simply add some rocks and colorful plants around the water feature will be great idea.





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