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Unique Modern Homes Paint Colors

Sunday, October 7th 2012. | House Design

The modern house concept had its roots back in the 1930s, when the Bauhaus and the modernism were at their top. One of the influences that last until now now is the color selection. The neutral and clean colors are the main characters of those two inspirators. The latest modern house concept would also be better if integrated by the selected colors.


Black color gives a contrast and dramatic ambience to every kind of house concept that applies it, especially the modern house concept. However, it’s recommended not to make the black as the dominant color of your house. Combine it with other colors such as white or brown, so that makes it a perfect color combination for the house.


White color gives you nothing but the clean and fresh ambience, even though some say that if the house uses white as the dominant color will be potentially boring due to its blankness, but principally white is the most commonly used color. White also provides the interior “filler”, such as furniture and accessories to be emerging through their colors. That’s why if you decide to use white into the wall colors, choose colorful furnitures as the accent of the room. The combination of white and black creates the basic palette of the modern interior design.


White and black results gray color. Therefore, gray becomes the most proper color decorator for the modern interior style. Gray is suitable for bedrooms and living room. The use of gray combined with white will make the room more spacious and warmer.

Earthy colors

As close as possible with the nature makes special ambience for us. But, it’s impossible if you live in a big metropolis town. However, you can start realizing it in your house by choosing earthy tones such as blue, green or brown.

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