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Victorian Modern Bedroom Updates

Thursday, April 25th 2013. | Bedroom

Victorian modern bedroom looks adorable and nice if you can bring new updates on the room. Victorian decor is still popular for those who love to enjoy high quality of furniture and accessories.

You can choose the wooden tone furniture in the room. Pick the ornate decoration to make the Victorian decor classic and elegant. The people who love to enjoy the beautiful style in the bedroom can go with light colors like soft white, cream, beige and tan. But you can go with dark shades if you like to enjoy intimate design in the bedroom.

The modern flair in the Victorian bedroom can be seen by picking the minimalist home decor. You can have it made in intricate pattern but make sure that they come in simple pieces. You can set the bedroom with a simple dresser, nightstand and bed frame. The overstuffed and bulky vanity and wing chairs can be eliminated in the room for they can make your Victorian modern bedroom cramped to view. When you like to set the duvet, comforter, bed linen, and toss pillow, you can have them made in light pink or silver shade to make the bedroom pop.

You do not need to set any thick drapery since it can banish the modern look in Victorian bedroom. You can choose the lacy curtain since it can bring airy effect in modern room. You can go with light color. If you like to enjoy luxury design, you can go with gold color. The decorative pillow in the bedroom can be made in silk embroidery. You do not need to present the one with fringe or ruffles.  You can present a nice detail in the room. The trim line and crown molding on the wall can be painted in dark shades like royal blouse violet, black, gold or even red. Consequently, you can bring new texture on Victorian modern bedroom.

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