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Wooden Bathrooms to Provide a Natural Ambience

Monday, June 23rd 2014. | Bathroom

The bath is the process to rid from the dirt on the skin with water and soap. In addition, shower will also give a new spirit after the body was tired. Water splash on your body will make you refreshed and re-energized to continue other activities. However, there are times when a bath at home makes you tired, therefore people often go to the hot springs to enjoy the natural scenery and warm water soaks body. But if you do not have enough time to visit such kind of place, then you can use the wooden bathrooms in your home as an alternative.


The concept of wooden bathrooms is to use wood as the material for the bathroom. Wooden bathrooms design itself adopts the design that has long been used by a natural hot spring. The hot spring is usually located in the mountainous area surrounded by rocks and big trees. Natural setting is what you are trying to present through the wood used as materials for the bathroom.


The concept of wooden bathrooms has long been thought by experts. One thing that makes the very rare wood bathrooms is still perfectly realized is the high level of humidity in the bathroom. Very humid atmosphere will certainly make it easy to rot the wood; it is the basic consideration that you need to take into your account.

However, after many researches and experiments, wooden bathrooms can finally be realized perfectly without having to worry about the rotten wood. Problems are overcome as the wood can be treated with artificial wood engineered waterproof. It uses artificial wood sawdust material which is mixed with a solution of PVC so it will not rot even though exposed to water spray every day. Although such motifs as well as the original color of the wood grain wood can still be seen clearly, its use is also only the part that is often splashed by water only.





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