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Wooden Window Blinds as Part of a Home Improvement Project

Friday, June 20th 2014. | House Design, Living Room, window

Wooden window blinds offer the beautiful touch and also great solution as a part of a home improvement project. Furthermore, this window design also has cheaper price but sure it will give you a luxury touch and warm feeling. And as the wooden material, this window blinds will give the beauty of the nature. So, this will be a perfect choice if you have a traditional or rustic interior home design because it will give the natural touches with the wooden style.


Venetian blinds of wooden material can be the most popular one for the wood blind that is available for now. You will see that these venetian blinds have many horizontal slats that will beautify your room. These slats are connected to the ladder tape. So it will allow the slats to rotate about 170 degrees. This will give it the good control for the light that is entering the room. Indeed, this control has many good functions. It is not only for sunlight filtering but also it will give you the privacy that you want from the window.


Sure, it can be raised and lowered. This will help you in controlling the window or the privacy that you need. The windows blinds are usually made from the basswood. Basswood is a good wood that is very ideal for the blinds manufacturing. It is lightweight but sure it is also more durable wood material. The wood is also good to be stained with any colors that you like. If you like the natural one, you just need keeping the wood in original color.


Therefore, these window blinds are a good way as the part of a home improvement. You just need to do the right installation. Just make sure, you color the window blinds with attractive colors that you love. It will be more beautiful if you also install the right curtain both design and colors.





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