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Zebra Decor to Give a Different Touch in Your Home

Monday, May 19th 2014. | Interior Design

Zebra is one of the common animals living in the wild meadow filled with green plants. Zebra has a skin that is quite unique because it has a beautiful complexion which is black with white stripes in regular pattern. The pattern is a beautiful blend between the two colors that have a very different character so it would be very beautiful to behold. In the wild life, zebra color pattern helps to camouflage with the environment so as to avoid predators, but for humans this pattern was the inspiration advent of zebra decor.


Zebra decor is one model that is well-liked decorating the room because of its unique color pattern and a beautiful blend. Zebra decoration will provide something unique for your home or room that is used as a theme. Almost all of the rooms are suitable to use this type of decorating because it would make it more beautiful and also unique. However, there are a number of considerations that must be done so it will not damage the beautiful design of the main function of the room.


One example of the room that is perfect to use zebra decor is bedroom, especially the bedroom which is private. Zebra bedroom decor will make the atmosphere of the bedroom a little different with a unique blend of color. Moreover the rooms are very suitable to use this design because it is private, so that any design that you will use the most important is only based on your taste.


Zebra decor can also be used as the theme of the family room, because the family has a function to hangout and share with friends. The rooms like this would require a special touch that will make it comfortable for viewing. The kitchen and living room is probably the room that seems quite strange when you force it to use this decoration. The living room should use a more formal design to make use of a single color that will make it more comfortable to look at.






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