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Zen Style In Living Room Interior Designs

Sunday, April 28th 2013. | Living Room

Living room interior designs can be treated in Zen style if you want to use the house as tranquil and peaceful place. If you live here, you will be more tranquil when you want to have fun time for your own.

Having yoga and meditation without any interruption is great to do in the backsplash or decking area on your Zen home. Zen style is perfect for those who love to enjoy the simple, clean and serene setting. You can get the inspiration from Japanese house design.

You can perceive the calm effect when walking in the room. The living room should be treated perfectly. You do not need to set any bold shade since it can bring distracting mood. The wall paint should come in neutral and subdued color. You can choose white for the wall color. The furniture like sofa, chair and coffee table can be created in black finish. If you want to enjoy a space saving furniture in living room interior designs, you can set a futon. You can pick the low one which can be set on the tatami mats. It can deliver the traditional style in Zen interior designs.

Futon is the great to have since it can be transformed into a daytime sofa when the morning comes. The furnishing in the room should be made from natural material. You can have the room accented with wood. The area rug to set on the dining table or living room can be made from straw, rice or reeds. The flooring can be treated from hardwood. It can be from mahogany, oak or walnut. If you want affordable material, bamboo flooring is nice to enjoy. The small space in the room can be fitted with sliding door. It can be made from rice paper or glass.  It will never consume much space in Zen living room interior designs.

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